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Surfrider is an ocean protection association, active since 1990. We are convinced that a deep transformation of our society must be done by involving all its parties : citizens, public institutions and companies.

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An association for Ocean protection

The Surfrider Foundation NGO is a collective of positive activists who act concretely on the ground every day to pass on to future generations a preserved Ocean.

Our mission : to speak loudly and clearly for the Ocean to better preserve it. In all areas. By all possible means.

Our weapons : To raise awareness and mobilize citizens, children and adults alike ; to use our scientific expertise to lobby and transform companies.


Faced with the major threats to the Ocean, at Surfrider Foundation, we remain positive.

Positive because we are proud to be able to count on a collective of committed citizens to further the cause of the Ocean.

Positive because we are all driven by a furious desire to be on the ground every day to raise awareness, educate, alert and bring people together.

Positive because our enthusiasm allows us to act to fight against visible and invisible pollution, to encourage companies and political decision-makers to do better to preserve the Ocean.


More than ever, it is urgent to act at all levels and on all possible levers to pass on to future generations a preserved Ocean and a healthier environment that will allow them to live serenely. We are not utopians, but happy and proud to act concretely since 1990 with determination to make things happen.

Less talk, more action! We prefer in-depth work to media hype.





8 million tons of waste are thrown into the ocean every year and 80% of this waste is plastic. Let's act together!

Water quality and health of users

Agricultural areas, wastewater discharges, urban discharges, many sources of pollution threaten the quality of coastal waters.

Coastal development and climate change

Erosion, rising sea levels, maritime transport, offshore platforms. The health of the coastline and the ocean is under constant threat.

Nos leviers d'action

Scientific and legal expertise

Surfrider Foundation provides its expertise on a daily basis to preserve the marine environment.

Education and awareness

An integral part of Surfrider's DNA, through its volunteer branches and its corporate branch, Act!

Political advocacy

Surfrider Foundation plays an important role in the European political arena.

Citizen Mobilization

Providing citizens with devices, tools and programs to make their voices heard.

Our values


The passion for the oceans, the coastline and the pleasures they provide animates everyone who supports Surfrider and guides the organization's actions.


Surfrider is rooted in the value of sharing and participation through inclusion and diversity.


Surfrider seeks a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

3 ways to involve your staff with Surfrider Foundation

Since its creation, Surfrider Foundation strongly believes in education and pedagogy to accompany environmental, economic and societal changes in a relevant way. We aim to involve a large number of players in our projects, including companies wishing to raise the eco-citizen awareness of their employees. We work with companies in several ways:

Partnership: with the Surfrider Foundation partner team

Support Surfrider's social mission by becoming a corporate sponsor. Becoming a partner of Surfrider Europe means embracing the values of the NGO and contributing financially to its social mission. Any request for partnership is submitted online and will be studied by the dedicated department at Surfrider Foundation, with a verification of the CSR policy and the process of improvement of the company's activities.

Employee engagement: with our Act! with Surfrider team

• Whether or not you are a sponsoring partner, we offer you the opportunity to involve your staff in specific actions, either face-to-face or digital. As a service, the benefits of these actions also help finance the association, but are not tax-deductible donations.
• We are convinced that the transformation of companies depends in part on their staff, and that behind each of them, there is a citizen who can take action.

Our influence on the private sector

Surfrider Foundation also works more broadly to influence the private sector in order to change practices, in two ways: by opening dialogue to support new "ocean friendly" business strategies, while denouncing when necessary industrial practices that harm the ocean.


Surfrider wants to help transform the commercial sector into a player in the ecological transition.


By raising awareness among all company employees and supporting them in transforming their practices.


Through positive, fun activities that combine education, the environment and sport around ocean issues.

Equipe Act! with Surfrider


Awakening environmental awareness

Act! invites you to participate in fun activities during a seminar or team building activity. We combine conviviality, outdoor activities and education.

Our activities help you understand environmental issues and learn how each of us can contribute and act daily to protect our environment.
Whether on foot on the beach, in a kayak on the river or simply in the heart of our cities, Act! offers you tailor-made packages supervised by our teams.


Our vision

Protect the ocean through concrete actions with companies and to accompany their transformations

Our values

Joy, communication, innovation, sense & respect

Our missions

Raise awareness and provide tools to company employees about the environment (emoji *) Contribute to the funding of Surfrider's projects thanks to the profits from our activities

Some examples of team building and activities:

  • Waste collection by foot or kayak
  • “Do It Yourself" workshops to make natural cosmetics and household products
  • Ocean Fresk, Waste Fresk, Climate Fresk and creative upcycling
  • Masterclass on plastic pollution in the ocean or on the ocean and climate change
  • Ocean Challenge: a digital challenge with daily challenges and quizzes on Teams/Slack
Discover all our activities

In brief, why book an awareness raising activity with us?

  • Add meaning to your corporate events
  • Develop your CSR culture and assert your values 
  • Protect the environment through a collaborative approach
  • Entrust your project to professionals for a turnkey event
  • Initiate or deepen awareness among your staff, and equip them to act

The Act! team

The Act! with Surfrider team will help you with your project:


And Swiss Army knife, as good at getting on a board as she is to lead the team in a collective adventure.

Thaïs L.

In love with the Basque country and the ocean, she'll listen to your requests as attentively as she listens to the sound of the waves.


The artist in the team, in constant search of beauty and harmony.


She takes care of your bills as quickly as she dribbles basketball.

Thaïs M.

Responsible for facilitator relations
Constantly on the move, Thaïs will be able to support you in your eco-responsible team building thanks to our network of facilitators passionate about the Ocean


And explorer of the sea bed in her free time, she will know how to pass on her passion.


After travelling to Bulgaria to speak out for the Ocean.
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