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A Surfrider exclusivity, a life-size role-playing and mutual aid game! Your collaborators find themselves locked in a room and must lead the investigation to be solved in a limited time, thanks to puzzles. The plot being turned towards the Ocean and its ecological issues.

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An original activity

This awareness-raising activity is an excellent way to raise awareness among your employees about the issues of protecting the Ocean, while providing a fun and original activity.​ Players will leave with concrete and simple actions to implement to make them true ambassadors!

Themes covered

During the activity, the issues raised are climate change, extreme weather phenomena and the consequences of human activities, in order to highlight the different roles of the Ocean.


The escape game lasts 45 minutes, followed by a debrief and awareness raising also lasting 45 minutes, to go further on the subjects discovered during the team building activity.​


Anna Barrera, climate researcher, was kidnapped. Her work threatened industrialists who planned her kidnapping. She managed to foil their plans but the police estimate that Anna is only 45 minutes ahead of her opponents. The police will do everything they can to find Anna and bring her to safety, but they believe that the best way to protect her is to make her work public.


Enter Anna's office and go looking for the manifesto!

Terms and conditions

From 10 to 40 participants.

Need: a room (or more) for 10 people, internet access (can be done in your offices for example). Participants will need their cell phones.

For now only available in French.


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Escape game Surfrider

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