Waste collection

We can organize cleanup events throughout France and Europe, thanks to our network of more than 100 Act! with Surfrider animators.

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General information

We can organize cleanup events throughout France and Europe, thanks to our network of more than 100 Surfrider animators.

3 good reasons to organize a clean walk with Act!

1. To protect the environment directly on the ground, especially the Ocean.

2. To unite team spirit outside your premises by participating in a solidarity and friendly event.

3. To raise awareness about plastic pollution and get your staff involved in a participative science process.

Put on your gloves and sneakers, and off you go !

Example of a typical collection process:

2:00 pm: Surfrider presentation, safety instructions, and equipment distribution.

2:30 pm: clean walk.

4:00 pm: waste sorting and quantification.

4:30 pm: environmental awareness with quiz and discussions.

17h00: end of the operation.

These schedules are examples, Solène, Jérémy and Diane are here to create with you a tailor-made event, according to your needs and wishes.

What is included :

  • Mobilization of the Surfrider animators (travel, accommodation, meals).
  • Management and organization of the day from start to finish (advice on the location, authorizations from the town hall, waste management, etc.)
  • Animation and supervision of the clean up walk by professional animators - 1 animator supervises up to 25 participants.
  • Supply of collection equipment, tarps, etc.
  • Surfrider's expertise on the topic of marine litter.
  • Transmission of a "roadbook" with all the information for the D-day.
  • A visual quantification report sent after the operation.


What is not included:

  • Participants' transportation to the collection site.


Possibility to plan a lunch break or a snack, we can then recommend responsible solutions.


For more information and to find out about our rates, please download our brochure.

Download our brochure
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Pedestrian waste collection

Companies' favorite activity

No participants limit


Put on your gloves, sports clothes and participate in a practical action for the environment.

Several formats available :

  • Classic : a waste collection on foot, on the beach, near a river, a lake or in town.
  • Olympics : the clean walk will be enhanced by games and challenges for teams, whether sportspeople or not. Energize your seminar and make the winning teams win eco-responsible prizes!
  • Plogging : for your most athletic teams, the collection will take place in the form of a foot race while collecting waste along the route.
  • Family : to get the employees' relatives, spouses and children involved, especially during a weekend event. A playful awareness campaign for children will be planned.


There is no limit to the number of participants in our waste collections (except for the constraints imposed by the chosen location).


  • Clean tag — ground marking “to throw on the ground is to throw into the sea” in strategic places such as manholes.
  • Hybrid — combine waste collection on foot with collection by canoe-kayak.
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    Illustration of a pedestrian collect

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    Illustration of a pedestrian collect

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    Surfrider clean tag

Garbage collection by canoe-kayak

An original team building activity

Up to 50 participants


Discover the waterways by going back to the source of the waste. Did you know that 80% of the waste in the ocean comes from inland?

What's included, in addition to a clean walk:

  • Equipment (gloves, bags, dip nets or tongs, awareness poster).
  • Rental of nautical equipment (canoes, kayaks, life jackets) and supervision by state-certified kayak instructors.

Plastic Origins option:

We offer the discovery of our application "Plastic Origins" that uses artificial intelligence to identify macro-plastic waste in rivers, and thus better understand the context of waste pollution (discover more on our brochure).


  • Up to 50 participants on the water, depending on the kayak providers.
  • Possibility to combine 1 group on foot and 1 group in kayak.
  • In the case of a family format, children are allowed from 7/8 years old.
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    Illustration image of a waste collection by kayak

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    Illustration image of a waste collection by kayak

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    Illustration image of a waste collection by kayak

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    Illustration image of a waste collection by kayak

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