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The entirety of our expertise in one event. 

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General information

During the day or for an evening reception, we put our expertise and energy at the disposal of your collaborators. Each participant can live the experience at their own pace.

Why choose this activity?

The format can be adapted to all occasions. Offer one or several activities to your collaborators, during a day or evening reception, for instance during a cocktail party for your staff.


Our team will be present prior to the reception to prepare all stands. Participants can complete our awareness activities in the order of their choice. This format can take place during an entire day or only a few hours.


Depending on the venue, we can recommend zero waste caterers or suggestions for a responsible evening.


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Tide surprise

Awareness through play

No limit in participants

15 min

The concept : participants try to find out what's inside these mysterious colored boxes by putting their hands inside them. You will find inside elements, natural or not, typically present in the "sea leash", to raise awareness about the natural environment of the beach and the waste found there.


The issues developed :

  1. Aquatic waste
  2. Respect for the natural ecosystem

    1 / 5

    tide surprise Surfrider animation

    2 / 5

    Tide surprise box

    3 / 5

    Tide surprise

    4 / 5

    Tide surprise

    5 / 5

    Tide surprise

Do It Yourself workshop

Learn how to make a natural and 0 waste product yourself

No participants limit

20 min by product

The concept : make one or two "DIY" products to learn how to make a natural and 0 waste product yourself.

The issues developed : water quality & zero waste.

​Our recommended cosmetic workshops on stand :​​

  • Lip balm
  • Deodorant​
  • Customizable soap

Our other recommended workshops on stand :​​

  • Beewraps (food packaging, fabric alternatives to plastic or aluminum stretch film)​
  • Tawashis (alternative to sponges, in fabric)​​

    1 / 3

    DIY toothpaste

    2 / 3

    DIY comsetic product

    3 / 3

    DIY shampoo

Eco champion quiz

Like on TV

No limit in participants


Are you sure you know the Ocean? Biodiversity, plastic pollution, general knowledge about the Ocean or leisure, choose your theme and compete against your collaborators in a quiz hosted by our animators.

Water in all its states

Fun and visual

No limit in participants

15 min

The concept : these are jars filled with water and various surprise elements (natural or not: waste, hydrocarbons, detergents, wood, ray eggs, etc.). The participant must guess what is in the water, find out how it gets there and why it is good or bad for the environment.

The issues developed :

  1. Water quality​
  2. Aquatic litter​
  3. Respect for the natural ecosystem

    1 / 3

    Surfrider water animation

    2 / 3

     Animation water in all its states

    3 / 3

    Water stanf animation Surfrider

The top 10

Most collected waste

No limit in participants

15 min

In these jars, you will find the 10 most collected waste in Europe during our waste collections.​

What is the waste that we collect the most? Can you put these jars back in the right order?

Vision and hearing workshops

2 separate workshops

No participant limit

15 min

Vision workshop

The concept : discover what the image represents, the living environment and the potential threats.

The issues developed : biodiversity and threats from human action.


Hearing workshop

The concept : participants listen to a recording, to guess which card the sound corresponds to.

The issues developed : biodiversity and threats from human action, noise pollution.

Ocean and waste fresks

Committed, fun and collaborative workshops

10 participants

10 min

Ocean fresk

Created by Alice Vitoux and inspired by "the fresco of the climate", the Fresque Océane game raises awareness of the issues related to the ocean and the impacts of our activities on this ecosystem.

In stand format, we choose a lot to play, our advice: marine biodiversity lot.


Waste fresk

The Waste Fresco game is a collaborative tool inspired by The Climate Fresco which focuses on…intense suspense…waste! It allows you to discover the complexity of their treatment, what they become and their impact on the environment.

It will allow you to make your participants or passers-by guess the maps and notions upstream and/or downstream of those already discovered.

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