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CSR team building by Act! with Surfrider

In today's professional world, commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming a central pivot for organizations seeking to distinguish themselves. By integrating CSR into the heart of team building activities, companies are not only strengthening internal ties; they also align with a larger mission, contributing positively to society and the environment. This fusion between team building and CSR creates a dynamic where each employee becomes an actor of change, thus promoting a more conscious and engaged work environment.


Value alignment creates real impact


When we talk about integrating CSR into team building, it is about transforming traditional activities into opportunities to raise awareness and act in favor of social and environmental causes. This could mean collecting trash during team excursions, organizing educational workshops on sustainability, or even volunteering projects within the community. These actions, in addition to strengthening team cohesion, highlight the importance of each individual gesture in building a sustainable future.

The impact of these initiatives extends well beyond the company's borders. Indeed, they demonstrate an authentic commitment to societal values, which can greatly improve the public's perception of the brand. Additionally, these CSR team building activities cultivate a sense of belonging and pride among employees, who see their workplace not only as a professional space but also as a force for good in society.


Concrete actions for a sustainable future


The advantages for the company are multiple and affect both the external image and the internal working environment. On the external side, engaging in CSR-focused team building activities improves brand image, thereby attracting customers and partners who share similar values. Internally, these initiatives boost employee morale, strengthen their commitment to the company and improve communication and collaboration within teams.


Let's illustrate this concept with a simple analogy: imagine that your business is a ship sailing towards success. CSR team building activities are the wind that fills the sails, not only propelling the boat forward but also guiding it towards a more ethical and responsible direction. Each CSR action undertaken by the teams adds a favorable breeze, speeding up the journey while ensuring that the journey is environmentally friendly and beneficial to society.


These activities can take a variety of forms, but all aim to encourage responsible behavior and promote a corporate culture focused on sustainability. Whether it is recycling initiatives, seminars on renewable energies or ecological challenges between teams, the goal is to make each participant an actor of change. In short, by integrating CSR into team building, companies can not only strengthen internal ties but also contribute significantly to the overall effort for a more sustainable future.


Commitment transforms


In conclusion, the integration of CSR into team building represents a golden opportunity for companies keen to align their internal actions with their ethical and social values. This approach allows not only to strengthen team cohesion but also to actively participate in building a better world. In this quest towards a sustainable future, every action counts and every company has the power to make a difference.


Our CSR team building activities


Activite Team Building Rse 1


Immerse yourself in the world of Act! with Surfrider, where CSR team building takes on a whole new dimension. Far from traditional team building activities, Act! with Surfrider offers unique experiences that combine learning, fun and action for the environment. Here is a detailed overview of two of their flagship activities, enriched with captivating anecdotes.


Masterclass and conferences on the environment


Imagine a group of colleagues, gathered together, some still with their morning coffee in hand, ready to listen to a masterclass on plastic pollution in the Ocean. The expert begins with a simple but revealing question: "Do you know how long it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose in nature?" The answers abound, ranging from 50 to 500 years, causing murmurs of surprise when the exact answer – up to 1000 years, is revealed. This shocking but effective introduction sets the stage for a deeply informative session, peppered with interactive quizzes that turn this awareness into a friendly competition between participants. One of them, Jean, exclaims triumphantly: “I got it right on the quiz!” eliciting laughter and applause. These sessions turn into real moments of sharing, where learning about critical issues like climate change takes place through mutual support and good humor.


CSR escape game: climate alert


The excitement is palpable as the teams prepare for the escape game focused on climate issues. “Your mission, if you accept it, is to find the secret report on future climate conditions before it is too late,” announces the host with a mysterious voice. The teams embark on the adventure, searching every corner for clues, solving puzzles linked to the marine environment, but not only that. Suddenly, a team discovers a clue hidden in a handbag, triggering a wave of laughter: “we never thought we'd look there!” The competitive spirit is strong, but mutual aid prevails, with teams sharing clues to successfully complete the mission together. At the end of the game, as all participants gather for the debrief, the energy in the room is electric. “It was more than a game, it was a lesson on the importance of the Ocean,” confides Sarah, still moved by the experience.


Activite Team Building Rse 2


The philosophy of CSR team building at Act! with Surfrider


Our team buildings are not just moments of escape from the daily routine of work; they are an immersion in current environmental challenges. They transform participants not only into better-knit colleagues, but into true defenders of our planet. The stories from these activities are not just amusing or touching, they embody the moments of revelation and camaraderie that stay with participants long after the event has ended.


In our CSR approach at Act! with Surfrider, we have transformed the traditional approach of team building into a series of activities that not only strengthen bonds between employees but also raise awareness of crucial environmental issues. Our seminars, workshops, and events are designed to actively involve our employees in Surfrider's mission, making each CSR day a moment of fun learning and personal and collective development.


The green ideas seminar


In the heart of Paris, during a seminar on sustainable development, our employees are invited to think about ways to integrate the CSR approach into the company's daily life. Working groups are formed, each proposing innovative ideas, from reducing waste in the office to setting up monthly eco challenges. A special activity marks this event: the “environmental quiz”, where teams compete on their knowledge of environmental issues. Most memorable moment? When Julien's team confused the life cycle of a sea turtle with that of a plastic bag, an error which, although funny, underlines the importance of raising greater awareness on these subjects.


An unforgettable CSR day


The organization of a CSR day at Act! with Surfrider is an annual event awaited by all employees. This event combines awareness workshops, fun activities and concrete actions for the environment.


Towards a greener future


At Act! with Surfrider, each activity, each seminar, and each workshop are building blocks for a more sustainable future. Our objective is clear: to raise our employees' awareness of environmental issues, involve them in concrete actions and make our CSR approach a model of commitment and responsibility. Whether during a team building evening, a development seminar or a fun CSR day, each moment spent together brings us closer to our ultimate goal: preserving our planet for future generations. Our activities reflect our commitment, transforming every idea, every creation and every action into a force for good.

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