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Solidarity team building with Act! with Surfrider

At Surfrider, we are driven by a collective mission: to pass on a preserved Ocean to future generations. Our daily commitment translates into concrete actions on the ground, offering companies the opportunity to actively participate in the preservation of our environment through solidarity team building activities. This article delves into the heart of this approach, exploring how these initiatives strengthen team cohesion while contributing to a more sustainable future.


Engage Your Team in Environmental Protection


When we talk about team building, solidarity team building activities offer an additional dimension: that of commitment to our planet. We offer various activities, ranging from waste collections to DIY workshops, including enriching masterclasses on environmental themes.



“Every action counts, let’s act together.”


Team Building Solidaire Collecte Dechets

The Strength of the Collective


Participating in one of our solidarity team building activities means recognizing that there is strength in unity. By involving your team in our actions, you not only promote the personal and professional development of each member, but you also contribute to a global effort to preserve our environment.


“United by a common cause, we are stronger.”


A Lasting Impact


Organizing solidarity team building activities with Surfrider is not only beneficial for the environment and your team. It also reflects your company's values, demonstrating a real commitment to important societal causes.


“Together for a greener future.”


We at Surfrider believe in the power of collective action. Our solidarity team building activities are designed to inspire, educate and mobilize businesses in the fight to preserve the environment. By choosing to participate, you are not only strengthening team spirit within your company, but you are also contributing to positive change for our planet. Join us in this essential mission.


Examples of solidarity team building activities


Waste collection : an eco-responsible adventure


Pedestrian : imagine a sunny day where the Act! found himself on a local beach, bags and gloves in hand. The objective? Clean the beach and transform this action into a fun and unifying moment. Between two collections, a colleague finds an old train ticket from 1996. This moment instantly becomes a favorite anecdote of the team, reinforcing their commitment to the environment.


By canoe-kayak : the adventure takes an aquatic turn when the team decides to explore the waterways by canoe-kayak. Equipped with life jackets and boundless enthusiasm, they glide across the water, collecting waste along the way. A friendly competition sets in: who will recover the most unusual? The winner of the day is the one who fishes out an old radio from the 80s, provoking laughter and lively discussions about the hits of the time.


Surfrider’s solidarity team building philosophy


At the heart of the Act! with Surfrider, we firmly believe in the transformative impact of solidarity activities on teams, the association, and society as a whole. Our mission, to pass on to future generations a preserved Ocean, is achieved through seminars, workshops, and eco-responsible challenges, allowing each participant to live an experience rich in learning and sharing. In this spirit, we develop and propose innovative projects that go well beyond simple teamwork, inviting every company in France to take up the challenge of environmental preservation.


Solidarity and Seminar: The New Allies


Solidarity is woven through challenges faced together. Let's imagine a seminar organized in Paris, where participants, from various backgrounds, meet for a walking waste collection. This workshop becomes the scene of an unusual challenge: transforming as much of the trash collected into ephemeral works of art. Laughter and creativity flow, strengthening group cohesion and attachment to the ecological cause.


In another vein, our environmental quizzes transform learning into a fun and friendly moment. During an awareness project, an excited participant proposed, as a solution to the challenge of renewable energies, the far-fetched idea of ​​training hamsters to run in wheels to produce electricity. The anecdote, greeted by a general burst of laughter, underlines the importance of combining innovative ideas and solid knowledge to face environmental challenges.


Team Building Solidaire Collecte Dechets 2


Beyond Work: Building a More Conscious Society


At Act! with Surfrider, each workshop, each seminar, is a stone contributed to the building of a more responsible society. Participants leave not only enriched with a unique experience but also with a new awareness of their environmental impact. We strive to make these moments unforgettable, sowing the seeds of lasting change in mentalities and behaviors.


The Deep Impact of Solidarity Projects


Our commitment at Surfrider does not stop at the borders of the beach. Each project, each challenge, is part of a global vision: that of a society where businesses, associations and citizens work together for a sustainable future. The idea that behind every gesture lies the power to change the world inspires and motivates all of our actions.


Act! does not just organize team building activities for your company's employees. We create experiences that transform work into a mission, participants into agents of change, and each idea into a potential project for our society. Joining our movement means choosing to participate in an unprecedented human and environmental adventure, helping to build, today, the world of tomorrow.


Environmental quizzes: learning while having fun


Our environmental quizzes are designed to be both educational and entertaining. Let's imagine a quiz night where each question is an opportunity to learn something new about our planet, but also to laugh at common mistakes.


A particularly memorable moment comes when a question about alternatives to single-use plastic is asked. One of the proposed answers, "use shells like our ancestors", is chosen by mistake by a team. The host, with humor, then imagines the comical scene of colleagues trying to drink their morning coffee in a shell. This anecdote quickly becomes a favorite topic of conversation, reminding everyone of the importance of reducing our plastic consumption while sharing a moment of real laughter.


These key Act! activities with Surfrider perfectly illustrate how we can transform environmental engagement into rewarding and fun experiences, strengthening connections between colleagues and the wider community. Our waste collection adventures and environmental quizzes are not just actions for the environment; they are the beating heart of our mission at Surfrider, weaving lasting memories and a deep commitment to protecting our beautiful planet.

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