Eco-responsible team building

Eco-responsible team building hosted by Act! with Surfrider

A new idea of ​​eco-responsible team building


At Act! with Surfrider, we firmly believe in the union of team spirit and ecological awareness. Through our eco-responsible team building activities, we engage companies to act locally while thinking globally, cleaning our precious ecosystems during waste collections and navigating towards sustainability together.


Team Building Eco Responsable Fresque Oceane

A wave of change begins here


Our DIY workshops, rooted in the “do it yourself” philosophy, teach skills that minimize environmental impact. The Act! masterclasses shed light on crucial issues such as the impact of plastic on the Ocean, transforming education into action.


To know is to be able to act


The collaborative fresks and dynamic quizzes of Act! with Surfrider engage employees in creative ways, facilitating a deep understanding of environmental challenges. With our awareness stands, each event becomes an opportunity to learn and share on the importance of preserving our planet.


Every gesture counts for the Ocean


Documentary screenings raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of nature, while our environmental escape game combines fun and education. By participating in these experiences, each team member becomes a sustainability ambassador, equipped to make a difference every day.


Navigating towards a sustainable future together


Our mission is to deliver experiences that inspire, inform and inspire action. By joining Act! with Surfrider, your company not only demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility, but it also equips its employees to become key players in environmental protection.


Our eco-responsible team building activities


Imagine a space where creativity meets ecological commitment, where every laugh shared and every card placed on an environmental fresco contributes to a more sustainable future. This is the spirit that drives Act! with Surfrider during its DIY workshops and environmental fresks. These activities are not simply learning moments; they are transformative experiences.


The eco-responsible workshop : transform your everyday products


During our DIY workshops, participants, often beginners, discover how simple and natural ingredients can replace everyday products full of chemicals. The joy of making your own soap, for example, can take a comical turn when someone mistakes baking soda for sugar – although the result is completely harmless, it provides a surprising lather!


Team Building Eco Responsable Atelier DIY Lessive


It is in this atmosphere of camaraderie that employees truly understand the impact of their consumption choices. Each workshop is a step towards autonomy, encouraging personal initiatives in sustainability.


The ocean fresk : visual awareness


Environmental murals are much more than just activities. They are a playground for the imagination and a board to visualize our impact on the environment.


These murals serve as a physical reminder of our collective commitment to the Earth, a call to action for the environment.


The lasting impact of eco-responsible team building


The day ends, but the echo of our actions resonates far beyond. Participants leave not only with products they have made or with photos in front of the fresk they co-created, but also with a reinforced ecological awareness. They are now equipped to make greener choices in their daily lives and at work.


The humor and humanity that emerge from these eco-responsible team building days at Act! with Surfrider prove that when we come together for a common cause, teamwork and sustainability can not only be beneficial but also sources of shared joy and laughter.

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