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General information

Fresks or “collages” allow participants to discover an environmental topic by mastering it. The collective intelligence facilitation method aims at avoiding a vertical descent of knowledge and, to allow everyone to find their position in the exercise. By tracing over the links, participants can put things into perspective and have a global understanding of the issues.

The Climate Fresk, created by Cédric Ringenbach in 2018, initiated the creation of numerous other fresks on other topics. We are proposing the Ocean Fresk, the Waste Fresk and the Climate Fresk.

Why choose a fresk ?

Entertaining. Your collaborators are going to have a good time.

Scientific. All the data is from IPCC reports (UN/UNFCCC) or other scientific reports.

Creative. Groups are given carte blanche  to innovate and create their own mural with their creative ideas. 

Visual. A picture is worth a thousand words !

Collaborative. It is a great collective intelligence tool.

Simple. The workshop only requires one 2m2 table per group !


The Fresks are collaborative workshops composed of 5 to 18 people (approximately 1 to 3 tables of 5-6 people) facilitated by a facilitator. 

They liked the Fresks

“Awareness is a key step for a large organization to adapt to a fast changing world; the Climate Fresk is an excellent tool to understand the causes and impacts of climate change.” Aymeric Olibet, sustainable business BNP Paribas Fortis

“ The Ocean Fresk is evidently one of the best educational tools to understand how oceans function holistically, the threat they endure but also what they can provide us if we protect them” Fanny Agostini, Thalassa



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Ocean fresk

For a global understanding of the issues that link us to the Ocean.

From 5 to 150 participants


Why the Ocean ?

The ocean is an excellent awareness medium. As a source of emotion and inspiration but also a climate regulator, an economic pillar and a wealth of natural resources, the ocean is an essential stakeholder in our societies' environmental transition. The Ocean Fresk is a collaborative workshop which provides a better understanding of the marine world. It also provides key tools to engage in the protection of our blue planet.

3 goals :

1. Understand what the Ocean brings us and the threats it faces.

2. Unite everyone’s efforts around a topic which affects us all.

3. Act by relying on collective intelligence to encourage everyone to act and initiate a transition at every level.


The creator of the Ocean Fresk

Alice VITOUX, Freelance project director - Sustainable Development - Ocean & Climate impact expertise. Ocean Fresk creator and Climate Fresk senior team leader. Surfrider Foundation Europe Paris Branch board member - INSA Lyon engineer - Project management and +10 management 

“After over 10 years in the media sector, I am now invested in project management related to the ecological transition. Fascinated and engaged in the environmental cause, and in particular ocean, I have decided to create the Ocean Fresk to raise awareness in a friendly way, with a systematic approach, while providing tools to take actions!”


1. Distribution of several decks of cards in each group.

Each card represents an item related to the Ocean.

A card = a photo on the front and an explanation on the back.

2. The team has to understand the card and discuss how to place it and link it to other cards based on its type, causes and impacts.

3. At the end, each group has retraced the Ocean’s main themes and interconnections.

3 possible formats from 30 mins to 3 hours.

1 facilitator for 3 tables of 6 participants (18 participants in total)


  • 1 mural
  • 50 cards
  • 5 themes
    - Pollution
    - Industrial fisheries
    - Climate change
    - Marine biodiversity
    - What the ocean brings us
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Waste Fresk

For a global understanding of waste life cycle.

From 5 to 15o participants


The Waste Fresk game is a collaborative tool which allows one to discover the complexity of waste treatment, what it becomes and its impact on the environment.

Why waste ?

Waste is a concept with which we are familiar. However, the waste we have in our trash cans is only the tip of the iceberg. The Waste Fresk offers you an opportunity to discover this iceberg in its entirety and to apprehend the impact of the different steps in waste management and its implications. 



Do you know what our sorted waste becomes? Do you know what scoria or lixiviate are?

With the Waste Fresk, discover the different ways of treating our litter (biowaste, plastics, electronics, …), its impact and its link to climate change. Become familiar with composting concepts, methanization, waste exportation etc. And finally, discuss solutions toward zero waste.

Following this Fresk, you will become an expert in waste management!


1. Intro (icebreaker / discussion / rule explanations)

2. Game in 5 decks and arrow tracing

3. Conclusion: debrief, solutions and discussion


Format of 2 hours to 2.5 hours.

1 facilitator for 3 tables of 6 participants (18 participants in total)


  • 1 mural
  • 38 cards
  • 5 decks


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Climate Fresk

A reference to understand climate change related issues.

From 5 to 150 participants


A fun and uniting workshop to understand the scientific basis of climate mechanisms.

→ 1 million players around the world already!


1. Finding links: as a team, identify causal links between the different cards and consequently you co-build an actual climate change mural.

2. Creativity: The second part gives participants the opportunity to express themselves by decorating their murals with colored arrows, by choosing a title, by leaving key messages, and by drawing mitigation and adaptation solutions…

3. Restitution: The facilitator gives a global review, and each group explains their title, an important fact or link, as well as their mitigation or adaptation solution… The Climate Fresk can be displayed and remain as an educational billboard in your building.

4. Debrief: The session ends with a discussion with the entire group to bring up climate questions, as well other environmental questions and prioritize solutions in your organization. 

1h, 2h, or 3 h of workshop

1 facilitator for 3 tables of 6 participants (18 participants in total)

Why climate ?

  • Understanding climate change
  • (Re)discover the “why ?”
  • Visualize the climate puzzle 


  • 1 mural
  • 42 game cards
  • Distributed in 5 decks
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