All our animators are trained and educated in Ocean protection. They are remunerated professional animators. Some are also Surfrider local chapter volunteers, in parallel to this activity.

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Geographically located all over France and Europe, they will adapt to your needs depending on the regions. Because of their availability and their local roots, we guarantee quality support in each one of your projects.

Why join us

In a context where corporate responsibility of the private sector has become more and more important, Surfrider is committed to support companies in their approach by educating them to environmental issues. In the form of eco citizen team building, Act! Surfrider offers various awareness activities such as thematic conferences, “zero waste” workshops, Fresk workshops, and most of all, waste collection.


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Required profiles

We are seeking candidates trained in environmental protection and who wish to acquire additional income. You are known for your public speaking and group leading skills? You are sensitive to the environmental cause and wish to promote numerous solutions to a rather unfamiliar with ocean protection audience of business collaborator? You benefit from great convincing capacity and are highly enthusiastic? Finally, you consider yourself a good teacher and fit for non violent communication and collaboration? This job is for you!

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How to join us

To become an Act! facilitator, you must:

You will be essentially trained to lead waste collection activities. Whether it is by foot or by kayak, which is the most requested format by businesses who wish to involve their staff in field action. Playful and uniting, these actions are an opportunity to raise awareness about marine litter and their impact on the environment to the general public.


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