2 juillet 2024

Waste collection: a flagship action for your CSR team building day

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For a successful event animation, waste collections prove to be an original and effective idea for strengthening group cohesion and raising employees' awareness of the environment. Participating in a CSR team building day in any region of France or Europe, offers your colleagues a unique opportunity to take part in a supportive and friendly event. Workshops on waste sorting and reducing plastic pollution enrich the experience, while promoting the creation of an engaged corporate culture.

Organizing a CSR team building day requires careful preparation. Whether in urban areas, countryside, or along beaches, each event is tailor-made, with a duration adapted to the group's needs and entertaining activities to make the activity engaging.

Participant testimonials show the positive impact of these events on motivation and collaboration within the group. By combining physical activities, team challenges, and moments of reflection, these events create a positive and lasting dynamic. Throughout France, each CSR team building day is an opportunity to rally your colleagues around a common cause while enjoying an original and impactful event animation.

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Various Approaches to Waste Collection for Your CSR Team Building Day

Team Cohesion through Waste Collection

Maximizing the Benefits of a CSR Team Building Day

Various Approaches to Waste Collection for Your CSR Team Building Day

Exploring Urban Environments with Waste Collection

Waste collection in urban areas offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness among participants about pollution in their own environment. Cities, with their high population density, generate a significant amount of waste. Organizing a CSR team building day in an urban context allows for addressing this issue directly while strengthening teamwork.

Additionally, this activity encourages employees to become aware of their own environmental impact and reduce their waste on a daily basis.

Aquatic Adventure: Canoe Waste Collection

For a unique team building experience, why not opt for a canoe waste collection? This activity combines the excitement of aquatic adventure with concrete ecological action. Rivers, lakes, and streams are often polluted by floating debris that threaten aquatic ecosystems.

Preserving Beaches and Oceans: Coastal Waste Collection

Beaches are fragile ecosystems threatened by plastic pollution and marine debris. Coastal trash cleanup is an excellent way to raise participants' awareness of these issues while enjoying a pleasant day by the sea. This activity is particularly relevant for a CSR team building day.

Team Cohesion through Waste Collection

How Does Waste Collection Encourage Active Participation?

Waste collection is a practical and tangible way to see the immediate results of one's efforts. This instant gratification is very motivating and reinforces the idea that each individual action contributes to a larger goal. As a result, participants are more inclined to fully engage, knowing that their efforts are visible and appreciated.

"Seeing results instantly motivates."

Fun Activities to Strengthen Team Cohesion

Incorporating fun activities into waste collection can significantly strengthen team cohesion. In this regard, we can organize team waste picking challenges, which can add a competitive and fun dimension to the event. Teams can compete to see who collects the most waste within a set time frame, with rankings at the end to determine the winning teams.

Maximizing the Benefits of a CSR Team Building Day

How to Measure the Impact and Results of Your Waste Collection?

To maximize the benefits of waste collection and support the advocacy work of environmental associations, it is crucial to measure the impact and results achieved. Therefore, quantifying the waste collected is an essential step.At the end of the activity, we classify the waste by category: plastic, metal, glass, etc. This gives us a clear picture of the extent of pollution and the efforts made. This provides a clear picture of the scale of pollution and the efforts made, and feeds into national databases. To find out more about quantification, read our focus article on the subject.

Additionally, invite your employees to share their testimonials during our two satisfaction surveys. These feedbacks are valuable for measuring the impact of awareness-raising and providing us with avenues for improvement.

Encouraging Sustainable Engagement After Waste Collection

Waste collection should not be an isolated action. To encourage sustainable engagement, it is essential to extend the effect of this day.

Encourage your employees to participate in other ecological actions and inquire about complementary CSR activities to waste collection: for example, DIY workshops to learn how to make their own products and move towards a zero-waste approach.

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