21 février 2024

9 tips for organizing an eco-responsible seminar

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Well known (and sometimes a real headache!) to HR and office managers, annual seminars are often highly anticipated moments by employees. They are an opportunity for exchanges, sharing of experience but also moments of relaxation.

→ Recent years have seen the emergence of environmental concerns on the part of companies, and with them the desire to make seminars more eco-responsible. It is from this observation that Act! with Surfrider, a subsidiary of the Surfrider Foundation: we support companies that wish to offer their employees committed team building activities!

Think about the destination

Sea or mountains, countryside or city... France is full of attractive destinations, for all tastes and accessible by train! Browse the sncf.com website and check in two clicks which destinations are directly served from your departure station. So, rather West or East coast?

On site, opt for means of gentle mobility: walking, cycling, public transport... So many solutions to get around differently and limit your carbon footprint!


Choose a place that controls its environmental impact

Did you know the Clef Verte label? 1st sustainable tourism label in France, it allows you to identify accommodation that respects the territory: control of water and energy consumption, waste management... Their site lists more than 1000 committed establishments in France! There are also alternative platforms like GreenGo or Ethik Hotel offering a wide range of students. Enough to find the ideal place for your next team highlight.


Involve your employees upstream

Before departure, make your team aware of the process by presenting them with the ins and outs of an eco-responsible seminar. The Climate Fresk workshop that we offer is a very good exercise to better understand the issues and the importance of limiting your footprint at work, but also in everyday life!

Try to think together about one or more eco-responsible objective(s) to achieve during this seminar. Why not ask them to vote for their favorite activity beforehand?


Choose team building activities in nature

Whether on the beaches or in the forest, or even in the mountains, a wide range of activities are within your reach to reconnect your teams with nature.

Walk with a naturalist guide, bike ride (electric for the less sporty for example), tree planting, waste collection by kayak or on the beaches... There are many options available to you!

The most competitive will be tempted by the “Olympiads” collection: a waste collection punctuated by challenges between teams to make the moment even more fun!

Enough to combine business with pleasure, and create unforgettable memories!


Take the opportunity to propose a CSR brainstorming activity

If the seminars are fun times, they are also an opportunity to think collectively about your company's CSR strategy. Take the opportunity to invite your colleagues to discuss the actions implemented during the year, the results, areas for improvement and ideas for the future.

Introducing these times of exchange with a Fresk (Climate, Ocean or waste) allows you to have a better understanding of the overall context and to open up several avenues for reflection: we can support you!


Think about meals: plant-based & local

Eco-responsibility also involves our plates! For your event, choose meals based on local, short-circuit and plant-based products.

You can also consult the Ocean Friendly Restaurant charter which lists restaurants and caterers certified by Surfrider as respectful of the Ocean!


Opt for zero waste

Challenge your colleagues to produce as little waste as possible during their stay.

There are several tips for this: opt for reusable tableware, bring solid cosmetics... These can be easily made at home, or even be the subject of a DIY workshop before you go!


Remove the goodies

Corporate events are often the site of a proliferation of rarely essential goodies: badges, flyers... So much waste which, even if eco-designed or reusable, could be avoided! Our motto: the best waste is the one is not produced.


Measure the carbon impact of your stay

Once the seminar is over, evaluate your action by carrying out its carbon assessment and share the results internally: your employees will feel even more proud, involved and eager to go further for the following year! To do this, go to the Greenly website.


Up to you !

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